WarGreymon is the Mega form of Agumon.

Digimon Information
Type(s): Dragon/Warrior
Gender: Male ♂
Digivolves from: MetalGreymon
Digivolves into: Omnimon w/ MetalGarurumon


WarGreymon is an amazingly powerfull humanoid dino Digimon. WarGreymon has teal blue eyes, raid hair and silver armor on its head. It's body features gold and silver armor tinted with red designs all over his orange skin. The armor all over WarGreymon are made out of Chrome Digizoid and are the tougest in the digital world. WarGreymon is equipted with two "Dramon Killer" claws and the variable "Brave Shield/Wings" on its back. Equipted with the arsanal of a soilder ready to dominate the battle field and fire attacks that could obliterate fields of enemies, WarGreymon is possibly the most powerfull digimon to rome the digital world.


HP 250 | Attack 180 | Defence 170 | Special Atk 200 | Special Def 170 |Speed 100

Add Digi Name here's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
70 Terra Force 210 100% Fire
75 War Fire 230 80% Fire
81 War Driver 250 80% Fire
90 Terra Burst 270 100% Fire
95 Terra Force Destoryer 300 90% Fire
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