The Digital World is where Tamers go to collect and battle wild Digimon.

Registering - Becoming a TamerEdit

Sign Up!Edit

  • The user becomes a tamer by simply making there own page!
  • Your character can have whatever name and have there own picture to represent them.
  • The rest is explained below

Rules and RegulationsEdit

Getting StartedEdit

  • The Tamer begins with a single starter digimon. This digimon can be chosen here by leaving a comment in the designated section. This digimon aswell as any digmon caught will be added to a "Digimon List" section on the tamer page, this will be done by a registered moniter.
  • The Tamer then goes into chat aka the digital gate and are regulated by registered moniters. These moniters will narrate your journey into the digital world and regulate your battles and catching Digimon.
  • Digimon level up depending on there preformance and the moniters judgement. When leveling up, Digimon become more powerfull, gain more abilities and can even be able to Digivolve.

Wild DigimonEdit

  • Unlike traditional Digimon, here in Digiworld a tamer can have several Digimon catching them by defeating them and capturing there fractle code with the digivices.
  • Wild Digimon can varry from level to species and all are available for capture. When the digimon are defeated or captured the Tamer recieves experience for there digimon and digital points.

Digmon Arena (PVP)Edit

  • In the Digimon Arena two tamers can go head to head and battle to gain Digital Points and Experience.
  • Each Tamer can choose up to three digimon and use any legal means nessesary to defeat there opponent.

Points SystemEdit

  • Digital Points are used to buy digi gear like upgrades for Digivices and other equipment for the journey in the digital world.
  • Experience or (EXP) are points used to level up Digimon and increase their effectiveness in battle.

Your JourneyEdit

  • You begin in the digital world in either the Forest or Aquatic areas where you can battle wild digimon from respective areas.
  • Once you are deemed ready you may continue to the next areas of your choice.
  • TBA
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