Oris' Terriermon is a digimon that likes to have fun. It loves to play and everything. It helps find stuff and likes to go on adventures. A really helpful digimon and it is a very sweet pokemon that likes alot of people and is very mannerable. It likes to eat too.

Terriermon (Oris)
Digimon Information
Type(s): Beast/Animal Digimon
Gender: Male
Tamer: Oris
Digivolves from: Gummymon
Digivolves into: Gargomon


HP 60 | Attack 40 | Defence 50 | Special Atk 50 | Special Def 60 | Speed 35

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
1 Bunny Blast 40 100% Normal
1 Tackle 30 Normal
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