Tamaki Fugiha
T Fugiha 1
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: LeoneMaster
Age: 13
Digmon: Gaomon
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Hair: brown
Occupation: Tamer
Tamaki is a beggining tamer who's partnered with Gaomon(Tamaki).He was transported to the Digital world at the age of 4,he met Gaomon and has lived there for 9 years.He and Gaomon were friends in the beginning and now have moved on to the status of Tamer and Partner.


Tamaki was very sad on Earth,he lived with a negletive foster family after his parents were killed by a ShineGreymon Ruin Mode gone out of control.When he was 4,Tamaki ran away from home and discovered a portal to the Digital World in a nearby alley,he was immediately attacked by an Apemon,but Gaomon came and protected Tamaki.Gaomon was hurt very bad,and began to disappear when Tamaki unleashed a blue digisoul,healing Gaomon and giving him the strength to beat Apemon.Gaomon and Tamaki were grateful too each other and decided to travel together.


Tamaki can be seen as a bit of a Digimon himself,he is used to living in the wild and can comunicate with even Fresh Digimon.He is a rather friendly guy and is well liked among his friends.though Tamaki will keep to himself when he is feeling sad or angry.Tamaki is also very protective,he will stop at nothing to keep his friends safe and even fight Digimon himself if it comes to that.He can also be seen as a bit of a brother figure towards both Digimon and people,as he is very caring and as mentioned,protective.


Tamaki has long brown hair that is light on top and dark on the bottom along with brown eyes.He debuted in nothing but ragged black shorts,but now wheres a red shirt with a black collared jacket over top,he also wheres black pants,he later appears in a red and white uniform consisting of a red jacket with white trim and white pants,though he wears the jacket open with a black undershirt.he later gets a new uniform that has a longer,darker jacket and jeans.

T Fugiha 4

Tamuki in his newer uniform,at age 16.

T Fugiha Child

Tamaki as a Child,drawing before his parents murder.


T Fugiha 3

Tamaki in his uniform,along with a large deck of Digi-Modify Cards and a "Battle Disk"

EXP Digi-Points Digi-Points Spent
25 15 N/A
T Fugiha 2

Tamaki,Excited during a battle

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