Sakuyamon is the mega form of Renamon

Digimon Information
Gender: Female
Digivolves from: Taomon


Sakuyamon is the Mega form of Renamon. Sakuyamon uses her scepter along with her mystical powers in all her attacks. Although with each evoultion in Renamon's line growing with age, Sakuyamon is actually very young, only a bit older than Renamon herself. Sakuyamon has a calm nature and strategizes all her attacks. She defends the weak and only fights those equal or higher than her at full power.


HP 250 | Attack 150 | Defence 160 | Special Atk 190 | Special Def 190 |Speed 110

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
75 Amethyst Mandala 240 80% Nature
80 Talisman Sphere 250 90% Nature
80 Spirit Strike 270 100% Nature
75 Amethyst Wind 250 100% Nature
88 Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth 270 100% Nature

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