Digimon Information
Gender: Female
Digivolves from: Viximon
Digivolves into: Kyubimon


Renamon is tall and powerful for a Rookie level Digimon. She is far more mature than the other Rookie Digimon, considering her experience and her jaded view on life. Renamon has special powers allowing her to use nature to her advanatge. With icy blue eyes, Renamon is a powerhouse and should not be taken likely


HP 50 | Attack 40 | Defence 40 | Special Atk 50 | Special Def 40 | Speed 70

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
1 Diamond Storm 90 90% Nature
6 Chi Blast 50 Nature
13 Power Paw 60 100% Normal

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