nOris always wanted a digimon and now he has one. He is starting his adventure as a digi-tamer with his new partner Terriermon (Oris).

Character Information
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Digmon: Terriermon
Friends: None so far
Enemies: None so far
Hair: Green
Occupation: Digi-Tamer


Oris has green hair, carmel skin, and brown eyes. He wears a green short sleeve shirt with a white zipper starting at a white colour going all the way down to where the middle of his stomach is. He also has a necklace with a yellow bar and 2 silver metal balls on the side of it. Don't take what I said the wrong way. :) He has black slim jeans and green tennis shoes. Btw I am Oris.


Oris is alot like his digimon. That's why he picked it. He likes to have fun and go on adventures. He plays around alot and the only time he's serious is when he's in a battle. He loves his digimon and they always play around. He likes to share food with his Digimon are buy his Digimon his own food. He is a very kind person.

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