Digimon Information
Gender: Male
Digivolves from: Rapidmon


MegaGargomon is a Machine Digimon, the Mega form of Terriermon. MegaGargomon's size and heavy arsenal gives him the appearance of a mecha. His whole body is equipped with lasers, missiles, bazookas, fire launchers and other weapons. Whilst MetalGarurumon is known for his intense armory of ice-based weapons, MegaGargomon is known as the cyborg wolf's fiery counterpart in weaponry arsenal.


HP 250 | Attack 180 | Defence 200 | Special Atk 180 | Special Def 200 |Speed 70

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
75 Gargo Missile 200 75% Steel
60 Power Pummel 190 Steel
60 Missle Bombardment 180 100% Normal
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