Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Titi
Age: 15
Digmon: Monodramon
Friends: TBD
Enemies: whoever seems evil
Hair: Black
Occupation: Digi-Tamer
Kozato is currently a Rookie Digi-Tamer, he's partner is Monodramon he is shown always carrying food in he's bag for an unknown reason, and an army knife in he's pocket incase of any needs.


Kozato appears to be a young teenager in he's 15 with red eyes and black hair. He wears a Red and white cap, with a simple black shirt, and a red and white collared vest. He also wears blue jeans with a brown belt and white sneaker shoes.


Kozato seems to be a quiet and shy person, he cares about he's Partner digimon, he attempts to befriend the enemy even if it means to injure him.

EXP Digi-Points Digi-Points Spent
90 55 0
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