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Halsemon is the champion form of Hawkmon after using the Digi-Egg of Love.

Digimon Information
Type(s): Bird
Gender: Male ♂
Digivolves from: Hawkmon + Digi-Egg of Love


Halsemon is an intelligent and powerfull digimon. Halsemon utilizes the wind around him and is fierce in aerial combat. Halsomon can command every element of the skys making him almost unmatched in mid air.


HP 100 | Attack 70 | Defence 50 | Special Atk 90 | Special Def 70 | Speed 70

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Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
15 Mach Impulse 80 100% Air
20 Tempest Wing 125 100% Air
24 Wings of Love 120 80% Air