Digimon Information
Type(s): Exalted Knight Digimon
Gender: Male ♂
Digivolves from: WarGrowlmon
Digivolves into: Gallantmon/Crimson Mode w/Grani


Gallantmon is the final evolution of Guilmon, and the strongest of the whole evolution line. Unlike the other versions, Gallantmon does not carry the Hazard anti-body. Gallantmon is just, wise, and chivalrous. Gallantmon tends to be calmed minded, but that can change when you hurt the innocent


HP 250 | Attack 180 | Defence 180 | Special Atk 200 | Special Def 180 |Speed 100

- 's Abilities:

Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
70 Shield of the Just 240 90% Light
70 Celestial Blade 280 100% Light
65 Aerial Strike 200 70% Air
65 Crimson Strike 200 70% Light

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