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Gabumon (Jonah's). Jonah found this gabumon while in the forest one day. When he spotted it he walked towards it, but it ran away from him. Then it started following him so they had some fun and became companions.
Gabumon attack colored by metalzoa17-d2aqsdd.jpg
Digimon Information
Type(s): Beast
Gender: Male
Tamer: Jonah
Digivolves from: Tsunomon
Digivolves into: Garuruumon (after lots of training)


HP 50 | Attack 40 | Defence 40 | Special Atk 50 | Special Def 45 | Speed 60

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Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
1 Blue Blaster 40 100% Light
6 Bite 30 100% Normal