DigiXros is a form of Digivolution that is similar to, but not identical to, DNA Digivolution. It ivloves the fusion of two or more digimon to form an enhanced version of a digimon, in most cases this is the partner of the Tamer performing the Xros. Other digimons that take part in the fusion can show up as bady parts or even weapons of the enhanced Digimon. The control of the enhanced Digimon is in the hands of the lead Digimon.

Comparison with DNA-DigivolutionEdit

DigiXros must not be confused with DNA-Digivolution.

  • While DNA-Digivolution requires the two digimon of the same level, DigiXros can be performed on Digimon with completely different levels and is not limited by the number of Digimons.
  • The digimon resluting from a Xros bare resemblance to the unit-digimons, as the digimon created is the enhanced version of the lead unit-digimon.
  • Unlike DNA-Digivolution, which requires two specific digimons, DigiXros can be performed on almost all digimon.
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