Des is a Tamer partenered with his Veemon.
Athrun 9
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: The Blue Knight
Age: 15
Digmon: Veemon
Hair: Blue
Occupation: Tamer

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Des Attire
Des has long blue hair and and green eyes. He has a light skin tone and wears several attires but is most seen in his green retractable turtle neck and black jacket with white detail.

Des is a tough and fierce confident Tamer. He fights greatly in all his battles and is very powerful, that he fought in mountains, jungles, ice, swamps and any very harsh environments, that Des is able to work well under those conditions. He can be a bit cocky and over confident but nevertheless, he is a very strong Tamer.

EXP Digi-Points Digi-Points Spent
0 0 0
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