Character Information
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Digmon: Hawkmon
Friends: Kazaru
Occupation: Tamer, Basketball Player
Cole is a rookie tamer who is looking to be the best. He is always boasting about how "GREAT" his Hawkmon is. He loves to Digi-Battle has well.


Cole wears a red and white hoodie. With some jeans and a chain hanging from his
109px-D-3 (Yolei) t
belt. He wears a square studded belt. It is red and white. He wears some red chuck taylor all-stars sneakers.


Cole can be very hot headed at times. But sometimes he can be caring for his friends and family. His drive is to win every battle he is win to become the best.

EXP Digi-Points Digi-Points Spent
0 0 0
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