Armor Digivolution is an evolution of Digimon using a special DigiEgg. It is considered equivelant to the Champion stage.


Basic Digi-EggsEdit

  • Courage
  • Friendship
  • Knowledge
  • Love
  • Reliability
  • Sincerity
  • Hope
  • Light
  • Kindness

Golden Digi-EggsEdit

  • Miracles
  • Destiny

​Veemon Armor FormsEdit

Veemon Armor Stages
Courage Flamedramon
Friendship Raidramon
Love Sethmon
Knowledge Honeybeemon
Sincerity Yasyamon
Reliability Depthmon
Kindness Kangarumon
Miracles Magnamon
Destiny Gold Veedramon
Hope Sagitarimon


Hawkmon Armor FormsEdit

Hawkmon Armor Stages
Courage Allomon
Friendship Rinkmon
Love Halsemon
Knowledge Flybeemon
Reliability Orcamon
Sincerity Shurimon
Hope Moosemon
Light Harpymon
Kindness Toucanmon
Miracles Peacockmon

Armadillomon Armor FormsEdit

Armadilomon Armor Stages
Courage Boarmon
Friendship Kenkimon
Love Pteramon
Knowledge Digmon
Reliability Submarimon
Sencerity Frogmon
Hope Sheepmon
Light Seahomon
Kindness Chamelemon
Miracles Elephantmon

Wormmon Armor FormsEdit

Wormmon Armor Stages
Courage Shadramon
Friendship Togemogumon
Love Aurumon
Knowledge Searchmon
Reliability Archelomon
Sencerity Nohemon
Hope Bullmon
Light Quetzalmon
Kindness Bucheimon
Miracles Kongoumon

Patamon Armor FormsEdit

Patamon Armor Stages
Courage Baromon
Friendship Stegomon
Love Pipismon
Knowledge Mothmon
Reliability Mantaraymon
Sencerity Ponchomon
Hope Pegasumon
Light Manbomon
Kindness Prairiemon
Miracles Rhinomon

Salamon Armor FormsEdit

Salamon Armor Stages
Courage Lynxmon
Friendship Rabbitmon
Love Swanmon
Knowledge Butterflymon
Reliability Tylomon
Sencerity Kabukimon
Hope Oryxmon
Light Nefertimon
Kindness Opossumon
Miracles Maildramon

Terriermon Armor FormsEdit

Terriermon Armor Stage
Destiny Gold Rapidmon

Tentomon Armor FormsEdit

Tentomon Armor Stage
Courage Salamander

Chuumon Armor FormsEdit

Chuumon Armor Stage
Courage Salamander
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