Aaron is a 14 year old tamer whos digimon is agumon


Aaron's skin tone is a kinda yelowish brown, he usually wears a silver collar with black and red skulls imprented on it, a pitch black suit with the sleves torn off, a red belt, and a black bladed katana lached to his side, he hs black hair and pitch black charcoal eyes.


Aaron is a freindley energetic loving charecter when not in battle, but when he is in battle he doesnt spare mercy is usually a cold hearted killer and deasnt care if its his friend or foe he will treat them with the same unmercyfull actions.

EXP Digi-Points Digi-Points Spent
0 0 0


  • Gabumon is Aaron's first Digimon Partener


HP 50 | Attack 40 | Defence 40 | Special Atk 50 | Special Def 45 | Speed 60

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Move Set
Level Move Power Accuracy Type
1 Blue Blaster 40 100% Light

Experience To Next Level
0 100
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